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I have recently subscribed to the weekly podcasts from the guys at “This Week in Photography” (www.twiplog.com). They have around an hour long episodes that is split into a question and answer session with questions submitted by the viewers / subscribers and a second section where they have quite in depth interviews with photographers around the world.

This weeks episode featured an interview with Trey Ratcliff who is probably one of the leaders in the world of HDR or High Dynamic Range photography. He was in fact the photographer behind the first HDR photo to be displayed at the Smithsonian institute. He has a very interesting philosphy in that everything he learns or creates he pretty much gives away for free and as a result has a huge following globally both to his blog (www.stuckincustoms.com) and also on his twitter.

HDR has been quite a contentious form of photography since it was first developed and the photography world is split between the fans and the purists. Basically put,  HDR photography uses a number of images taken at different exposure levels which are then combined using a software application such as photomatix (www.hdrsoft.com) which creates a new image which has a greater range of luminances between the light and dark areas of the photograph.

Have a look at Trey’s blog site – it has a large number of great HDR pictures and also has tutorials on creating HDR images (www.stuckincustoms.com/hdr-tutorial/).

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